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Am I a Carer? First-Hand Guide to Informal Care




The purpose of this guide is to provide first-hand information to you as you care for your loved one. The guide helps you to examine how your life has changed after a loved one has fallen ill or become disabled or after your child has been diagnosed with a chronic disease or disability.

As a relative, you help your loved one to cope with everyday activities, provide mental support and learn how to manage in what may sometimes be a complex jungle of services. Perhaps you are wondering how to combine work and caring for your loved one. Are you a carer?

Publishers: Lakeuden Omaishoitajat ry, Mikkelin seudun Omaishoitajat ja Läheiset ry, Joensuunseudun Omaishoitajat ja Läheiset ry and The Central Association of Carers in Finland.

The guide is a translation of the Finnish publication Minäkö omaishoitaja? Ensiopas omaishoidosta.

Price € 5 + postage and handling costs.

Am I a Carer? First-Hand Guide to Informal Care (PDF)(avautuu uuteen ikkunaan)